How to protect offshore assets?


Offshore asset protection

Today, the issue of asset protection from your enemies in offshore is particularly relevant. This is an opportunity to escape from taxes that bite like a wild beast, and from curious partners who only dream of getting rich at your expense.

First, you need to open an offshore company and a foreign bank account where you can safely save your savings. However, despite the fact that this process is only the basis, but it must also be approached with due seriousness.

Firstly, for cooperation within the framework of the registration of an offshore company, choose only a reliable agent who has proven his quality through his long-term presence in the market, and a huge number of partnerships. Since it is the partners that are an indicator of the successful and reliable operation of the registered agent. How to check it? It is very simple, the more competently the information about the services of the agent is presented, and also the choice of services offered is wide, the greater is the partner base.

You should not rush to the first profitable offer, each registration agent and your potential partner know the price for their services, so a low price will talk about possible fraud and your further frustration.

But, even when you have already decided on the choice of partner in the registration of your offshore company, do not forget about the sacred in this business – confidentiality. Confidentiality is the key to your continued success and the peaceful use of an offshore company.

A high level of confidentiality should extend not only to the choice of the correct jurisdiction in which the company’s registry will be closed or will only have limited information about you but also to your personal privacy.

If you work, for example, in the shipbuilding or trading business, which is often registered in jurisdictions with an open registry, such as Hong Kong or Cyprus, then you should not abandon the use of nominal service. Despite the worldwide condemnation by government agencies of onshore jurisdictions with regard to nominal service, this service can really protect you and your business.

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However, in the process of deoffshorization appeared such offshore jurisdictions, about cooperation with which it is worth thinking twice. It is not necessary to register a company in a jurisdiction when all others massively seek to leave it.

In such cases, it is worth asking for advice from an offshore specialist, who will help analyze your business and weigh the pros and cons, in selecting the right jurisdiction.

Further, this is, of course, your personal silence. The fewer people who know about the existence of your offshore company, which, by the way, many of your assets will be written on, the less likely it is that third parties, such as creditors, government organizations, banks or just your detractors, will find your assets.

After your offshore company has been registered, in accordance with your desires and goals, it is time to select a foreign bank account for doing business, as well as accumulating savings.

Everyone knows about bank secrecy, but in addition to this, we must remember about bank risks. When choosing a bank, I recommend that you familiarize yourself not only with the history of the bank but also with the legislation of the country in which the bank is located, in case of its bankruptcy. For example, in Europe and Hong Kong, banks guarantee an insurance amount of 100 thousand euros in the event of a bankrupt bank. If you had money in Cyprus, then you should be well aware of this, since Cyprus, as part of its “deposits” haircut, has precisely cut an amount over the insurance of 100 thousand euros.

Therefore, when choosing a bank, it is important to know not only the inside of the bank but also the country. Yes, do not forget to check the liquidity of the bank, which also greatly affects its stability.

Finally, these are the second passports. Something that can truly protect not only assets but also life. Take a look at Ukraine, which is like a medieval state divided into several parts. Those who had time left for the best lands, and those who did not, regret not doing.

The second passport will provide an opportunity for everyone to acquire a second homeland, which will always be ready to receive and heat. In addition, a second passport, for example, offshore jurisdiction, also grants: tax-free existence, ease of opening a foreign bank account for a new document, profitable real estate investments with the ability to increase capital and return the cost of acquiring a second passport.